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Funny Cats vs Small Spaces Compilation funny cat videos 2016

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Funny cats loves Small Spaces Compilation.why cats loves small places .Almost all creatures favor to sleep in wide spaces. On the contrary, cats like to sleep in sinks, small boxes, or cubbyholes. This sleeping habit in cats is not understandable. Why do they prefer to sleep in small places to open spaces with all possibilities? Although it is not clearly fathomable, here are some few possible reasons:
Cats may find small places safer than wide or open places. Whenever they need to sleep deeply, they seek out places of small structure; it seems that tiny places are more secure for cats than a couches.
Wild cats steal for living, therefore, sleeping in small places seems logical for them; hide and succeed survival without punishment..
When giving birth, a comfortable hidden hole is always a cat’s choice. It is known that momma cats do not prefer open spaces, as they do not want predators to see their babies.
Cats like to like feel warm and snug. Small places are always cozier.
Though cats are independent creatures, they seek their self-comfort in their own way. We may think this behavior is unusual, but for them it makes sense. Every creature wants to feel secure and well sheltered. Do not be surprised wherever you see a cat squashed into one confined place, it just fits them and that’s the way they like it.

any way watch this funny cats video compilation

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