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Cute Funny Dog Compilation – Wagging Tail

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We just love dogs and if you are looking at this we presume you do as well. This compilation shows dogs having fun, sleeping, playing, taking a bath, be guilty and generally happy. We have used a great track called “Wagging my Tail” by an artist called HBR, thats short for Hassan Bin Rashid. Great song to go with these fantastic dogs. We do not own the music but you can check the song out and more about Hassan at his website www.hassanbinrashid.com – The album is 100% to download so get over and take a look. This being the case, we think it maybe ok for us to use the track. Anyway thanks Hassan but lets talk more about dogs. we have some great shots here of boxers, terriers, greyhounds, alsatians, hounds, spaniels, poodles,terriers, german shepherds, rottweilers and dobermans to mention just a few. We really hope you enjoy this little comp of fantastic happy dogs and do not forget like the song says, if you are happy, Wag your Tail. See ya soon. cute dogs, adorable dog, funny dogs, puppy, puppies, guilty dogs, police dog, big dogs, stray dogs, who let the dogs out, minecraft, kennel, dogs home, Chihuahua, hound, spaniel, greyhound, pinscher, terrier, pug, bull dog, poodle, alsatian, boxer dog, guard dog, german shepherd, husky, labrador, rottweiler, doberman,

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